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By: Chris Streett

So you’re thinking of buying or leasing a commercial property but you’re a little lost in all of the information and don’t know where to start? We’ve broken down some of the most common questions about this big decision to help you on your journey in commercial real estate.


There are pros and cons to both. Some pros to owning your own commercial real estate are: 

* Tax breaks- you can write off all mortgage interest paid during the year and by using tax code

179 you can also deduct all of your equipment.

*Potential Income from tenants, if you have additional space you could rent out.

* Help fund your retirement by selling the property, or have a steady stream of income during


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Estate Sale Basics

Have you ever wondered what exactly is an estate sale? If you’re like most people you have very little knowledge of this unique bargain hunting opportunity. I had a conversation with Denise Gauger of Antique Chic an estate sale professional to get the top facts and some do’s and don’ts to make any estate sale newb feel experienced. 


SH- What is an Estate Sale? 

DG- An Estate Sale takes place when a family needs to liquidate everything from the home.This could be the result of a death, divorce, relocation, transfer or downsizing.

SH- What can shoppers expect to find?

DG- Anything and everything from Steinway pianos to boxes of household items, Furniture, Art, Cars, I’ve sold Dog Kennels, and even a “She Shed”. 

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