Hopkins Family History

The Hopkins family has roots in Harford County that go back for many generations. Tim has ancestors that were married in Harford County in 1661.

Family of Farmers…

Coming from a family of predominantly farmers, Tim’s grandfather Grason Hopkins farmed in the Perryman area of Harford County. When Aberdeen Proving Ground was established, Grason and his wife Hazel were forced to relocate. They stayed within the county and moved to Level, where Grason continued to farm. He later became a tax assessor for Harford County.

Horse Owners…

Tim’s father Harry grew up in Level and continued the family tradition of farming. He also took an interest in horses. Through riding in local shows and foxhunting, Harry met Tim’s mother Margaret, who was an avid horsewoman. Her father Victor P. Noyes rode and trained flat and timber horses from his original farm in Long Green Valley, and later from his farm in Bel Air.

After Harry served in the Air Force and graduated from the University of Maryland, he and Margaret purchased a farm in Darlington. Tim’s father always joked that when he made the settlement in the middle of the day, he had to leave the settlement to go milk the cows that came with the farm.

And Realtors

In addition to farming Harry also began to sell some real estate. In 1960 he built an office in Churchville, which is still the home of Harry Hopkins Co. As the company grew over the years, Harry was always known for his knowledge and expertise in farm sales.

Tim continues the generational legacies. Like both sides of his family, Tim is also interested in horses. He has bred and raced thoroughbreds and owns a few that still race at the Maryland tracks. As a professional realtor, Tim also continues the tradition of farm sales, along with other kinds of real estate.