Streett Family History 

Chris is a descendant of the Streett and Spencer families, both with roots in Harford County since the early 1700s. Throughout the centuries they have been dedicated to farming, canning, and business. The Streett heritage comes from Chris’ paternal grandfather and the Spencer heritage from Chris’ paternal grandmother.

Streett Family

First Generation Immigrants

The Streett family is one of the oldest in Harford County. Three brothers—David, Thomas, and John—came to America from London in the early 18th century. David settled on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, John went to Philadelphia, and Thomas came to Harford (then Baltimore) County, Maryland.

Rev. Nicholas Streett is also said to have been of the same family as the Harford County Streetts. He was born in London in 1603 (the year of Queen Elizabeth’s death) and came to America in 1637. He settled in Taunton, Massachusetts and became a distinguished theologian.

Thomas Streett

Before the Revolution, Thomas Streett took out a patent for 700 acres of land above the Rocks of Deer Creek, called Streett’s Hunting Ground. Part of this land is still in the possession of his descendants. Thomas Streett was residing on this property in 1774, when Harford County was founded.

Besides a large number of Streetts who are now in Harford County, many other prominent families here are descended from Thomas Streett. Among them are Williams, Fendal, Waters, Bell, Gladden, Baldwin, Glenn, Whiteford, Cairnes, Amos, Den Bow, Bevard, St Clair, Holmes, and many others.

Colonel John Streett

Col. John Streett was born in 1762 on Streett’s Hunting Ground, in what is now Marshall’s District of Harford County. Married to Martha St. Clair, he was an extensive farmer, owning more than 3,000 acres. He was also a successful businessman and was prominent in the politics of the county, serving twelve times consecutively in the Maryland Legislature as a Harford representative from 1799–1811.

At the outbreak of war, a call was made for troops from the surrounding country. John Streett, a native of the Forth District, organized the Seventh Regiment of Cavalry on February 13, 1812 and was commissioned as Lieutenant Colonel. When Britain attacked Baltimore in September 1814, Colonel Streett marched with his cavalry command from Harford County to the defense of the city. His regiment served valiantly, and they also served with the brigade of cavalry at North Point. In his command as officers were Capt. Clem Butler and Capt. McAtee, as well as several of Colonel Streett’s sons. He was commended by Major General Samuel Smith for his bravery and efficiency in action.   After the war Colonel Streett returned to farming in Harford County where he died in 1837 and was buried in a private cemetery on the Streett estate.

Spencer Family

Origin of Spenceola Farms

In the early 1900’s Cecil Clyde Spencer (Chris’s paternal great grandfather) started a bean and tomato canning operation, which later became Spenceola Farms. Cecil Clyde was a Harford County Commissioner from 1926–1938 and on the Board of Harford Memorial Hospital. He also built numerous houses, many of which are still standing. Cecil Clyde died of a heat stroke working in the fields of Spenceola Farms in 1941.

Richard P. Streett, Jr VMD – Consultant/Special Advisor

Dr. Streett was born and raised in Harford County. After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine and servicing as a Captain in the US Army he formed the Churchville Veterinary Clinic in 1971.

Over the years the practice changed into 100% small animal and the Greenbrier and Swan Creek Veterinary Clinics were added. He still practices part time.

Dr. Streett has been very involved with all aspects of residential and commercial development, building and property management since 1980. He serves as a consultant/special advisor to Streett Hopkins Real Estate.

Chris Streett

Chris Streett, an associate broker, was born and raised in Harford County. He attended the local C. Milton Wright High School and then went on to graduate from Penn State University. After college, Chris was a Baltimore City resident for 10 years before returning to Harford County with his family.

Chris has been servicing buyers and sellers in the Baltimore Metro area since 2001 and has more than $140 million in sales. As a full-time realtor who focuses on customer satisfaction, Chris is very accessible—a must for success in the real estate arena.

Chris is an active member in the community. Having Harford County roots from both sides of the family that date back to the early 1700’s and city residency has afforded him a broad base of local area knowledge that many agents lack. Chris has been appointed by two different County Executives to the Harford County Economic Development Board where he currently serves as Vice Chair. He was also appointed by the Mayor of Bel Air to the Economic & Community Development Commission. He also serves on the Advisory Council for Center for the Arts and is on the Tourism Grant Advisory Board.

Chris is married to Melissa, and they have a daughter and two sons: Penelope, Blake, and Chase.

Whether you are buying, selling, relocating, or renting Chris will provide you with the highest level of service for all of your commercial and residential needs. The downturn of the market has created new challenges for property owners. Whether you are facing foreclosure or a potential short sale, we are equipped with the most recent industry knowledge and resources to best assist you with all of your real estate needs.