Benefits of Home Staging

If you’re preparing to sell your house, then home staging will help you sell it faster and for its maximum value. Staging your house makes it appeal to the greatest number of potential buyers by accentuating your property’s strengths.

What is Home Staging?

Think of home staging as a production, with the staging expert as the director. It’s not just about decorating, cleaning, or repainting.

Staging involves:

  • Choosing the right furniture and props
  • Moving or getting rid of items that clutter the space
  • Creating focal points in the main living areas
  • Making the house look bigger, brighter, and cleaner

In-House Service

We partner with Holly’s Home Staging, owned by Holly Tucciarella. Holly’s team will make your house as attractive as possible—going room by room, inside each closest and kitchen cabinet, and yes, even underneath the kitchen sink.

Based in Forest Hill, MD, Holly’s Home Staging will help sell your house quickly, at the best price, and with style.

Holly Tucciarella, Owner
210 Cartland Way
Forest Hill, MD 21050